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INOCARES FZ LLC is a Consultancy offering products, via means of programs and workshops, to businesses, educational institutions and individuals seeking Cultural Awareness as well as Personal and Professional Development. 

Inocares’ primary focus is delivering programs on which promote resilience, wellbeing and excellence in personal and professional organisations. Our programs are adaptable to the organisation's and tailor made to their specific needs. 

meet inocenta

Founder and Director

Ino is an anthropologist, with a very detailed understanding of the UAE’s culture, an NLP Coach and Emotional Intelligence development specialist. Educated at The London School of Economics and Political Sciences. 

 Ino has worked in development projects in a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa.During the past 35 years she has helped with the personal and professional development of thousands of young Emiratis. 

Ino strongly believes that it is important to combine tradition and modern ideas in this day and age, and is using her knowledge and experience to help people realise their true potential. 

Ino leads a range of insightful workshops for individuals and groups on UAE Cultural awareness including key topics such as “History, Land and Tribe” as well as “Social and Cultural Awareness” and “the Role of Women and Marriage”. All of which enhance communication channels, and cultural synergy in the UAE’s business world

meet maria piren

María Piren is a lifestyle advisor , certified yoga instructor and mindfulness specialist. With a background in leadership at big corporations such as Hyatt, Marriott & Emirates, Maria Piren has coached and successfully led hundreds of teams and individuals.   

In her private practice she uses her gift of being able to anticipate and  identify people’s needs to work with them, side by side, listening to them and creating plans of action. 

 “The first wealth is the health”

With this in mind María Piren has put together her personal and professional experience and practices to help people improve themselves, professionally and personally. That’s how project Yumbrel was born. 

Yumbrel means “rainbow at its full potential” in a native tongue from a Patagonian tribe. It felt like a great metaphor, being able to include the storm and the sun and all they imply to create a magical life.  Maria Piren has created fun and practical workshops that help develop and naturalise healthy habits to help cope with pressure and stress. Habits that improve and enhance not just the individual, but the relationships and the productivity at work. 

 “Happier, healthier, more productive”

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